Cavin Aphrodite : Delicacy and respect of the flavor

Originally developed for more technical wines, the Cavin Aphrodite barrel is the product of the close collaboration between great winemakers and our coopers.

The ancestral know-how combined to the specific expectations of the wine professionals enabled to develop this exceptional product.

** Slowness and precision as a sign of respect

The French wood – from the French forests of Fontainebleau and Châtillon-sur-Seine – reveals its true properties after a four-year-long air-dry without any human intervention. Then, a gentle and light stoking enables the small staves to develop all their qualities without giving the wine a too strong character, which would crush your vintage wine.

Thanks to this process, your wine will express itself and fully open up.

** Your wine deserves excellence in terms of barrels.

***** Cavin Aphrodite : A technical and high-quality barrel.

Following the characteristics of the Cavin Aphrodite (lien), the Cavin Aphrodite red barrel is dedicated to the maturing of complex wines.
This barrel is the product of a major technological breakthrough inside the Cavin company and represents the highest quality in terms of barrels.

** Time serving quality.

The air-dried shooks offer a true respect of your wine’s characteristics. This barrel sets the fruit aroma on the first spot so it comes out and gains amplitude.

The soft toasting avoids leaving a flavor in your wine.

** Technical characteristics :

  • Wood origin : French only.
  • Forests : A selection of the best parcels of Fontainebleau and Châtillon-sur-Seine.
  • Type of toasting : quite light as the wood has been dried for 4 or 3 years in the open air without any user intervention.
  • Sizes (in liters) : 225 / 228 / 300 / 350.

For more information, please read all the details about the different stoking types and barrel stamping.

Do you need more details about this item Please feel free to contact us to select and adjust at best the stoking type depending on your needs and expectations in terms of tasting.

The Cavin Aphrodite completes the Cavin collection, also made of the Cavin Classic and the Cavin Da Vinci.