Quality and perfect balance

Cavin’s masters coopers created a product combining balance and quality, the Cavin Classic barrel. Wines then gain character due to the contact with wood and thus develop their whole range of aromas.

**Know-how serving elegance

The ancestral know-how of our craftsmen led to the elaboration of barrels made of French wood from French forests exclusively. Thanks to a carefully studied stoking, your wood gains maturity.

Our precise selection of the wood and its two-year-long air-drying guarantees our barrels a certain purity so that your wine matures and develops all its aromas.

**Technical characteristics :

  • Wood origin : French only.
  • Toasting : Classic (M-, M, M+).
  • Sizes (in liters) : 114 / 132 / 225 / 228 / 260 / 300 / 350 / 400 / 500 / 600.

For more information, please read all the details about the different stoking types and the barrel stamping.

Please feel free to contact us to select and adjust the stoking type depending on your needs and expectations in terms of tasting.

The Cavin Classic barrel was the first to be created by the Cavin Company. Two other items, a bit more technical, followed : Cavin Aphrodite and Cavin Da Vinci.

Our goal is to offer the best quality for your best product.