Cavin Da Vinci : The combination of technique and tradition

Combining art and technique, the Da Vinci barrel is the latest of the Cavin company barrels. This barrel is a pure combination of our coopers’ passion and our urge to offer a prestigious and groundbreaking product.

This barrels collection is based on 48-month-long air-dried wood. They guarantee a controlled maturing and small staves work.

** When classic meets technique

In regard of the inner qualities of the wine, the Cavin Da Vinci barrel brings a touch of technicality to our products. In fact, we added a taster so you can test out and taste your wine during the different steps of maturing.

Besides, the Cavin Da Vinci barrel is delivered with a thermometer for a precise control of the temperatures all along wine maturing. The barrel is also delivered with a cover for protection purpose.

** Your wine is the core of our research and innovations.

***** Cavin Da Vinci : When art turns into technique.

Based on the Cavin Da Vinci collection, the Da Vinci Red barrel possesses the greatest qualities of the Cavin company.

** When tradition meets novelty.

Technical and robust, the Da Vinci Red offers your red wine an incommensurable taste quality.

The homogeneous production guarantees a real delicacy of the aromas, which will rise up during the whole maturing process. The Cavin Da Vinci Red barrel offers a very large aromatic quality and an unequalled harmonic richness.

** Technical characteristics :

  • Wood origin : French only.
  • Type of toasting : quite light as the wood has been dried for 4 or 3 years in the open air without any user intervention.
  • Sizes (in liters) : 225 / 228 / 300 / 350.

For more information, please read all the details about the different toasting types and barrel stamping..

Do you need more details about this item Please feel free to contact us to select and adjust at best the stoking type depending on your needs and expectations in terms of tasting.

The Cavin Da Vinci completes the Cavin collection, also made of the Cavin Classic and the Cavin Aphrodite.