We make terroir barrels:

100% French wood sourcing and manufacturing
Mostly from Burgundy, with parcels selections from Châtillonnais
Natural seasoning of the staves, no watering or ventilation
No intermediaries : on-site seasoning for direct supervision
Artisanal & à la carte toasting with oak fire

Outstanding technical savoir-faire :

Anti-contamination follow up of each piece by a laboratory
Highly qualified craftmen (Meilleur Ouvrier de France)
Customer service : warranty and assistance for one wine

Wide choice of barrels for your wines & spirits:

Cavin Classic for traditional winemaking
Cavin Aphrodite for exceptional crus

Two Ranges.

And an infinity of adjustments.

Cavin Classic

A oak barrels that offers equilibrium and quality.

Wood seasoning: 24 months minimum

Type of wood grain: fin

Origin : blend with Burgundy dominance

Production: on demand

Size : 114 to 600 liters

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Cavin Aphrodite

The barrel for great wines.

Wood seasoning: 36 to 48 months

Type of wood grain: extra-fin

Origin: 100% Châtillonnais

Production: numbered & limited edition

Size: 114 to 600 L

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