How to put wine in a barrel that was empty for more than 30 days?

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January 11, 2018
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January 11, 2018

An oak barrel is a living material that reacts to its environment. Thus, it is first very important to have stored your cask in good conditions.

Second, here are our tips to start using an oak barrel that was empty for >30 days:

  1. Pour 20 liters of cold water in the oak barrel and close it with the bung.
  2. Let the barrel rest on one head for 24 hours: it will absorb the necessary quantity of water.
  3. At the end of this period, flip the barrel over and position it on the other head, and make it rest for another 24 hours.
  4. Once these 48 hours are over, remove the bung and rinse generously with clean water. Drain it gently.

Your barrel is ready to receive your wine.

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