What are the different oak barrel sizes made by the Cavin cooperage?

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January 10, 2018
What are the different oak barrel sizes?
January 11, 2018

We propose you a large range of different French barrel sizes, from the feuillette to the Burgundy or Bordeaux pièce to the queue.

Here is a list of the different standard barrels that our cooperage make :

  • Feuillette (114 liters)
  • Bordeaux Barrique (225 liters & 22mm or  27mm thickness)
  • Burgundy Pièce (228 liters)
  • 260 liters barrel
  • 300 liters barrel (Muid)
  • 320 liters “cigare”
  • 350 liters barrel
  • 400 litres barrel (Douil)
  • 500 liters barrel (Botta)
  • 600 liters barrel (Fass)

If you have specific demands or needs, please get in touch.

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