Where can I buy used wine barrels?

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January 11, 2018
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January 11, 2018

Most of winemakers renew at least some part of their oak barrels every year. New barrels actually allow a better wine micro-oxygenation.

From time to time, our cooperage proposes second hand barrels that have been used for one or two wines. These barrels are checked in order to avoid bad surprises.

Before buying a used oak barrel, you need to assess if it has been correctly maintained, with the regular use of sulfur fuse. A cask should also not stay empty for too long, as the wood will change its shape and leaks may appear.

If you buy a used barrel to make wine, you should always rely on an expert or have enough knowledge yourself, in order to assess the quality and potential problems of the cask.

To find out if we have used barrels in stock, please contact us.

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